Friday, March 30, 2018

Liam's Nursery Reveal

I know I should be sharing details about Liam, but we haven't taken any family photos and it's just been so busy, that I haven't gotten to it.  I have shared a few pictures on Instagram, but have decided to actually share the nursery...three weeks later and I've finally completed it.  I pulled together some last items to really be able to hang, adjust and set up.  I didn't want to go too much with a theme as I know I'll want him to grow into it or next baby to be able to go into the room easily, but I did want to keep it fairly neutral along with some baseball items.  I did hold off on a rug as the floors turned out great and I didn't want it to be too busy!  Here's a list of some items I've snagged to complete the room.

Rattan Mirrors:  I've had sitting in the guest room, but they are from Target
Floating Shelves:  Target (stained a bit darker as they are real wood).  Shelves I'll add and design a bit more on over the next months as I like the room to grow a bit further over time.
Lamp:  Target
Changing Pad Cover:  Spearmint Love
Table:  Found on a whim at Target, as I first purchased this and exchanged them out
Pouf:  Wayfair
Chair:  Wayfair
Lion/Lamb Pictures:  Amazon (found some at TJ's, but larger size) as Liam was born in March!  I liked the March saying, "in like a lion, out like a lamb."
Mobile:  I made, purchased the bat from Amazon and the felt garland from Etsy

I've moved the humidifier into our room for the time being and have also debated moving the white noise machine as well, but we're not doing too bad.  The book collection is growing quickly as I have gravitated toward gifting him books (ie:  Easter) at least until he's older.  I wanted to share the whole room as I know I've given some sneak peeks.  Let me know if you have any questions on any items I haven't listed!
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