Saturday, November 29, 2014

Faux Fur Obsessed

The Canfield Casino - it's gorgeous inside (and haunted)!

Sweater:  Gap  |  Leggings:  Gap  |  Faux Fur:  Nordstrom  |  Boots:  Sorel (similar) |  Bag:  Michael Kors  |  Fur Ear Muffs:  (purchased in Canada)  similar  |  Gloves:  gift from John while he was traveling in Scotland (their "knockoff" print looking Burberry if you want to consider that) Legit Burberry Gloves |  Lips:  Too Faced Melted  |  Hair Extensions:  Bellami

I hope everyone had a wonderful TG/Black Friday! ;)  Perhaps you're now going to embrace #ShopSmallSaturday in your area?!?!  

We had a great TG on our end! The drive on the Taconic Parkway (which I usually avoid) was GORGEOUS!  The trees bowed over the road so it was as if I was driving through a winter tunnel - John slept the whole way of course so he missed it!  It was a great time at his aunt and uncle's house.  John's mother, Sandy, brother, Andrew and sister, Elizabeth were there and we met John (Elizabeth's boyfriend) - he was a sweetheart and they were so cute together!  I do wish we had a bit more time to visit or at least drive back to Southbury and spend the weekend.

Friday I enjoyed a relaxing morning (spin class was full), grabbed coffee with Daniella and went shopping at the Gap!  I'm so glad the sales already started prior to TG and continue through the weekend that way I don't feel as rushed!  After shopping we grabbed lunch & mimosas outside under the heat lamps at Druthers.  It was cozy with snow flurries flying all around us!  We had a great time!  As our food coma set in we headed our separate ways head home and veg out.  

*John if you're reading this this is where you need to stop*

As I worked my way through Gilmore Girls on Netflix I shopped online with the gift list I had complied over the year for John.  I have our Anniversary (October 4), Christmas, Valentine's Day and John's Birthday (February 16) all in one half of a year to come up with some good ideas in the other half!  I NAILED IT with NY Giants ticket's for our first year (paper).  

For Christmas I found a great table from Target (a friend - Laura had the exact same one that we brought to the NYC Ballet at SPAC over the summer).  I also found this one.  I couldn't decided so I did both! :oX.  I found a collapsible wagon from Target.  In case you're wondering why I have these "camp" style items...they are perfect for going to the Saratoga Race Track (and all other tailgating ideas in Saratoga - polo, symphony and the ballet)!  

Stocking stuffers:  I've found a new Yankee hat (his was super old), binoculars (for when we go hiking and go to the ballet/symphony), a shaving kit and a cocoa mug!  I thought those were great/small gift ideas!

I'll leave the ideas that I still have in my back pocked for his birthday and Valentine's Day to share with you a bit later! :)

I hope you all did well with your gift shopping!


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