Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pink Obsessed

Pink Obsessed

1.  I'm super excited to receive the Sultra 1.5 Curling Wand in the mail soon!  I have been using a $30 curling iron, but it was losing heat.  Now, I've been using a great 1 inch curling iron from Amazon (BaByliss), but I don't care for the small "prom-like" curls it's been giving me.  I'm looking forward to getting the large beach-like waves again!  I'll keep you posted on how I like it!

2.  I have two pairs of the KS Earrings, but I'm loving this color pink!  

3.  Looking for a BOLD pink lip?  Look no further than the Too Faced Melted collection.  They have alllll sorts of colors and I love my hot pink!

4.  The BB is great tool to blend your concealer and foundation!  I use mine all the time and I like that it adds a bit more moisture to your product while creating flawless coverage.

5.  Roman Holiday from Nars is definitely a WANT for me this season!  Such a cute trio!

6.  Beauty starts with your skin and how you treat it.  Adding the Carlisonic Skin Cleanser to your skin regimen will help keep your skin looking fresh and healthy!


  1. That Beauty Blender thing looks awesome! I may have to try one, I'm not crazy about my foundation brush…

  2. Oh really?!?! ;) I use that and the Shiseido's foundation brush sometimes! I clean it with the instant brush cleanser from Sephora as well...(amazing)! Less expensive versions are at TJ Maxx, but I haven't tried those...I try to keep it simple!


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