Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ski lodge attire

Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar idea here)  |  Turtleneck:  J.Crew  |  Leggings:  Gap  |  Socks:  Kate Spade found at TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Necklace:  Express (similar here, here and here)  |  Earrings:  Etsy gift :)  |  Boots:  Sorel - more colors here  |  Hat:  American Eagle - super old (similar here)  

Happy belated MLK Day!  I hope all of you enjoyed your long weekend (for those of you who had Monday off)!  John and I escaped to VT for a ski weekend at Stratton Mountain and a wonderful stay with my sister ME, F and his son M at The Red Fox Inn, Tavern & Restaurant.  We ate at the restaurant Friday night and sat directly near the warm fire while we visited and caught up.  The "fox tails" {chicken wings} and the apple pie are a MUST when you go here!  So yummy!

Saturday was a freezing day for the slopes.  It was also their busiest weekend for the area!  John and I were determined to get some runs in before everyone else arrived and boy were we glad we got it done quickly and early as it was swamped!  A good note for next year!  

That afternoon we enjoyed some pizza and kept the American theme going and we treated F and M to an indoor campfire with s'mores!  Unfortunately my s'more had a little accident with catching on fire and was flung at M!  Luckily it burned out before it landed on his sweatshirt!  Whoopsies! {smacks forehead} However, we had a good laugh...but I'm still awaiting the dry cleaning bill.

Saturday night we had dinner in the pub area of The Red Fox (you can have both menu's in either place).  The burgers and tacos were delicious!  Definitely an A+!  The atmosphere was wonderful and although we were excited to hear the band, we were also extremely tired from the cold and skiing.

Sunday was pure rain from 11:00am on.  It was a complete loss for a ski day for us, but fortunately John has off this coming weekend too so we'll get a chance to go again!  So instead, we took a few photos for the blog and headed into town to find some breakfast and shop at the Manchester Shops and Outlets!  Such a cute mixture of high end outlets, quaint restaurants and shops.  I scored an on sale pair of UGGS at The Mountain Goat (great for Patagonia items too!) and a new balaclava {so I may prevent my face from whatever future weather may occur on the mountain}.  Oh and if you're in the area - check out Joy!  Great place to get fitted for a bra (I know I grabbed 3 new ones)!

Afterwords we headed back to Stratton where we had a great meal at Mulligan's.  I finally got my VT cheddar, apple, bacon grilled cheese with OF COURSE VT maple syrup!  SO good!  Since the weather was so crummy we decided to head back to Saratoga a bit early as the rain all day was starting to get a bit more slushy and with the back country roads we weren't going to chance it.  

So it was a wonderful MLK weekend for us and compelted with Indian food from our favorite take out place, Karavalli.  We're still trying to work through the menu, but we LOVE their garlic naan! ;)  I hope your MLK weekend was filled with friends and fun!


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