Thursday, February 26, 2015

t-shirt & jeans

Tee:  Gap  |  Jeans:  Banana Republic  |  Clutch:  GiGi New York  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar  |  Watch:  Michael Kors  |  Kicks:  New Balance (super old - crushing on the fun colors 1/2/3  - ok really there are so many cute colors now I can't choose from just one!)

This girl is ready for the weekend!  So I'm sporting some sneaks and a tee.  I glammed it up with a cute necklace and clutch!  Did I tell you I'm obsessed with opal jewelry lately (thanks Laura C. for that one) - I can't stop wearing this necklace and I've been on the hunt for some cute opal studs (dangle earrings aren't really my thing).

Tonight John and I are headed to a wine tasting class at The Wishing Well with our friends, Nick and Valerie (who, did I mention just got engaged - oh I did, well I will mention it again because I'm so excited!!!)!  I've only been there one other time for martini's and oysters so I'm ready for a fun new activity!  I'll be sure to Instagram some photos for you, if not take some for the blog next week!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

red + leopard

Down Coat:  Tahari from TJ Maxx (similar here) |  Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Blouse:  Vince Camuto  |  Jeans:  Banana Republic  |  Heels:  Nine West  |  Necklaces:  TJ Maxx (similar here) & Helene M. (similar styles at Tiffany's)  |  Bag:  Michael Kors  |  Scarf:  Nordstrom (similar here)  Earrings:  Frivolous (LOVE these)  |  Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban  |  Rings:  Gorjana (1, 2)

Wow!  It's so sad when you think it's "warm" out when it's almost 30 degrees.  I will take it!  It's sunny until 6pm and in a few weeks we will be springing forward!  That means I'll have plenty more time to do photo shoots at night after work rather than filling up my weekends with cramshoots! 

Any who, I love this look and it's probably one of my top go-to looks - an easy blouse with cardigan over it and jeans.  Plus it helps add a pop of color on a dreary winter day.  I'm actually starting to look forward to spring (I love the winter and skiing helps me love it more).  I'm looking forward to wearing light jackets, open toe shoes and showing some skin!

Enjoy your HUMP day! ;)

Monday, February 23, 2015


Beanie:  Nordstrom Rack  |  Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Leggings:  Gap  |  Boots:  Vince Camuto  (old - similar here)  |   T-Shirt:  J.Crew Factory (similar here)  |  Scarf:  H&M (old - love this one)  |  Watch:  Michael Kors (similar here)  |  Bag:  Michael Kors  |  Necklace:  Jennifer Zeuner  |  Mug:  Starbucks  

Monday's here...wah wah...  I hope you all had a great weekend.  

Sunday I caught up with my girlfriends, Laura and Valerie!  Laura was in town for her sister's shower and Valerie just returned from a ski trip and then a work trip so we hadn't caught up in a while.  We of course hit up our usual spot Max London's for some tuna tartar and a charcuterie board and of course some Prosecco and 466's to celebrate Valerie's ENGAGEMENT - nice job on the ring Nick!  It was wonderful to hear all the details from Valerie and catch up with Laura!  

Let me start of saying that the Oscars was amazing!  The dresses were gorge as ever - my fav was first and foremost - J LO, Rosamund Pike, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone AND Kiera Knightley.  Lady Gaga's performance was redic - I almost didn't even realize it was her and not Julie Andrews, everyone should be weird, you put it right Patricia Arquette - #wageequality!  It was fun to watch and I'm so bad with movies that I'll have to put a ton on the list to watch/rent - as I think I had only seen American Sniper (hey boy, hey) and The Grand Budapest Hotel - definitely a different but fun flick (catch it on Netflix)!  

Catch ya later!

Friday, February 20, 2015

casual fri-yay!

It's so tough for me to jump from jeans to jeans.  Once I find one that I love, fits right and looks good I wear them allllll the time!  I've found a pair from the Gap (we'll see if I keep them), but I'd like to get a darker rinse.  So I'm still on the hunt!  

Jacket:  TJ Maxx (similar here) |  Blouse:  Vince Camuto (other colors here)  |  Jeans:  Banana Republic |  Scarf:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Clutch:  gift from my friend Brittany (hey girl!) - similar here  |  Necklace:  Jennifer Zeuner  |  Earrings:  random find I think  (similar here and on SALE!)  |  Watch:  Kate Spade  |  Shoes:  TJ Maxx find (similar here)

Happy Friday!  Yay!  ...That was a short week!  I'm ready for weekend mode.  Let's have a slow moving Saturday (especially since it's FREEZING & we're getting more SNOW - lovely).  

We have friends in town for Saratoga's Beer Week.  Tonight I think we're going to an Ommegang Tap Takeover at the Merry Monk instead of the Cider Night at the City Center.  I love Merry Monk - especially their mussel night and Belgium waffles -YUM-.  

Saturday is the Beer Summit.  This is when all the breweries come to the City Center and give out samples of beer.  It should be a lot of fun and PACKED as it's sold out!  I'll keep you posted on Monday of the weekend happenings!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

bright shirt - BIG hair

Blouse:  Vince Camuto (similar here)  |  Sweater:  Gap (old) - similar here  |  Leggings:  ASOS  |  Boots:  Vince Camuto (3-4 years ago) - LOVE this style & on SALE!  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar  |  Clutch:  GiGi New York (meadow lilac)  |  Starbuck's Travel Mug/Sleeve sold in stores

Sorry for totally going MIA.  Our computer shut off randomly two Sunday's ago while FT with my nieces and nephew.  So it's been in the shop for a bit and we've been trying to gather up all the blog photos we've taken to get them uploaded to the site!  

Here's a peak at my new hair color - I'm in love with it!  Hair Creations owner Jaysie did a wonderful job!  So fresh and fun!  AND I'm obsessed with the Bumble and bumble products that help my hair stay strong and healthy!  

On a side note...I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with your loves.  John and I snuck away again to VT for his 30th birthday!  More details (and stories) to fill you in about later! :)  

Just a quick post today as I'm getting ready hosting "book" club at my apartment tonight!  Check out some of the fun details on Instagram (@closetsandcorks) or on Pinterest (Closets & Corks)!

Keep warm! :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

happy (30th) birthday john!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, John!  He's 30 today so it's super exciting!  I'm so excited for the future years for him/us!  It'll be wonderfull!!! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

puffy vest

Vest:  Land's End (green version here)  |  Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Jeans:  Loft  |  Necklace:  TJ Maxx  |  Scarf:  Loft (similar here)  |  Heels: BCBGeneration (fun style here)  |  Bracelet:  Gap (similar here)  |  Watch:  Kate Spade  |  Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban  |  Midi Ring:  Gorjana  |  Phone Case:  Apple

We are getting hit with yet ANOTHER snow storm here in Saratoga.  Not as bad though, yet we are super buried already.  IT's been a tough day at work and I'm ready to relax and veg out with some Parks & Rec.  What are your plans tonight?!

Monday, February 2, 2015

sequin sweatshirt

Sweater:  J.Crew  |  Jeans:  Loft  |  Necklace:  J.Crew Factory  |  Clutch:  GiGi New York  |  Watch:  Michael Kors (similar here) LOVE this  |  Heels:  Calvin Klein (similar here)  |  Earrings:  Etsy (similar here - loving the matte colors lately)  |  Midi Ring:  Gorjana

I love this sweater!  I have it in pink too and I think it brings instant glam to an old sweatshirt.  Pairing it with a cute statement necklace (even better in color) is another bonus!  I just received a few in the mail so I'm excited to see them with it!  I paired this with heels, but I feel like you can also pair it with a pair of New Balance kicks!

Saturday was Chowderfest and we had a great {chilly} time with friends tasting chowder at the restaurants throughout Saratoga!  Check out the two photos on Instagram (sorry - my camera died so I didn't really end up with much).  Sunday we headed up to Gore Mountain for a ski day with my friend/co-worker Colleen and we rocked it!  Perfect day before a fun ending with a Super Bowl Party at a friend's house.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Superbowl get together with friends and family as I'm snuggled in here this Monday evening as it is still snowing.  Yes, it's STILL SNOWING.  
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