Tuesday, March 31, 2015

bedazzled sweater

Isn't this sweater cute!?  It helps dress up your everyday casual wear and it's super comfy!  It could even be worn with dress pants in the workplace!  

Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar here) |  Vest:  Kohl's (similar here)  |  Jeans:  Banana Republic  |  Shoes:  Sperry's  |  Bag:  Kate Spade (love this)  |  Earrings:  Etsy  |  Rings:  Gorjana (love this set)  |  Sunglasses:  Loft

So it's the last day of March and I'm ready for April to BRING IT ON!  I'm hoping to bust out some sandals and shorts this next month for the blog posts!  That means I'll need to shave my legs (ha!) and get my toes painted to be out in public! :)  

For my two tasks in the month of March I will say that I did pretty well.  I worked on a minimalism challenge and not shopping!

In the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge I realized there were some of items I'm already pretty sufficient at (not checking FB) and others I had actually already completed (unfriending people).  However, there were definitely some items where I needed to work on (IE:  turn off the TV/go bare face).  

I also tried to not shopping this month.  However, I had found a one-piece swimsuit - which I didn't even try on in the store, but found it fit at home so I had to keep!  I mean really how often do you luck out on finding a good swimsuit that fits!  Another item I did purchase was because John and I were leaving to go home.  My back had been killing me and I did not want to lug/lift or drag my carry on through an airport once more.  So I found a lightweight roller carry-on that was just as cute as it is light!

Since I was able to focus on a lot in March posts, I feel as though I may need to regroup and focus a bit more on improving photos in the blog i.e.: like the one above; the details, the lighting, taking a look at that first photo and seeing what needs to be adjusted (the lipgloss or shirt)!  With that comes editing.  This is still a bit of a foreign element in the blogging world, and that may take time to learn and time in my day on the side of a FT job, but I also need to understand that may not always reflect well in photographs!  Overall I'm looking forward to this blog challenge and seeing how it will help me develop!

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