Tuesday, March 3, 2015

hair routine

hair routine

So I'm not a pro, but I wanted to share with you what I use for my hair routine and what works for me!  It may not work for everyone, but I hope my process may help some of you and I'm always open to suggestions and tips!

Surf Spray - Bumble & bumble  - I use this as spray right after the shower, but prior to blow drying when my hair is still wet.  It helps my hair with volume and texture.

Thickening Mousse - Bumble & bumble - This is great on my roots/middle of my hair - don't use at the ends as it will be tangle more.  I feel as though my hair loses the curl because it's weighed down if I get my ends.  You don't need to use much either!  Helps give my hair a great glow and extra bounce!  It's great to use for an event or night out.

Infiniti Pro - Conair - I love this item!  My sister recommended it to me and she was right!  It feels as though you get a blow out everyday!  I usually dry one section at a time to help get an overall dry - and it doesn't kill your arms!

Spray de Mode - Bumble & bumble - I spray this before and after I curl my hair.  It super flexible and a great item when using heat tools.  

Gold Curling Iron 1-1/2 in - Hot Tools - I love this size for a beachy wavy look.  Provides tight curls, let them sit and then run my fingers through...Plus I love the gold look! :)  You can always get a tighter curl with a smaller sized iron.

Next Day Hair:

Thickening Dryspun Finish - Bumble & bumble - I love the smell of this!  I spray it on after curling my hair.  For next day hair I add it to the nape of the neck and forehead to act as a dry shampoo.  It adds fullness and lightness all throughout.

Powder Play - Big Sexy Hair -  This is another good one to help get volume in your hair for a fun night out or give your next day hair oomph!  I love this item for travel, especially since it's not a liquid.  It's perfect to pack in a carry on and leave room for your other liquids.  Once I'm done with this one I'd love to try this.

Teaser Brush - This is always a last minute choice for me if my hair just isn't having it or needs a little revamp.  You can also use a small tooth comb, but use either item slowly when you tease and start with the top sections on your head (flip hair over) and work down each section.  Then you will flip your hair back over and smooth the top layer.  Wa-la!

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