Thursday, April 30, 2015

mother's day madness

mother's day madness

Pandora Charm  |  Chewbeads  |  Santa Barbara Design Mug  |  Tray  |  Philosophy  |  Tory Burch Fitbit

Mother's Day is right around the corner!  Have you started your shopping?  I've gathered up some great finds for you as Mother's Day is just 11 days away!  :)  Get to shopping and appreciate your momma's!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

wineee down

It's been a busy week a work and I'm ready to WINEDOWN!  I didn't have a hard time deciding about my choice of drink - the Malbec, but I definitely should have done it outside in this nice weather.  John ran late from work so we just relaxed on the couch and had a glass (or two).  

My sister, Mary Ellen got me pretty hooked on Malbec and you really can't go wrong with any of them!  My favorite are from Argentina where they literally have wine as one of their main exports so they invest a lot in their wineconomy - from roads to coolers, etc - it was actually really interesting to learn/read about.  Leo is from Argentina (kind of sounds like I'm describing a man)!  It has plum and black cherry aromas throughout, but has a slight smokey flavor.  It was an instant hit for John!  This was about a $16 bottle of wine if you're looking to purchase!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

strappy sandals

strappy sandals

1:  Dolce Vita  |  2:  Nine West  |  3:  Dolce Vita  |  4:  ASOS  |  5:  Vince Camuto  |  6:  Nine West  |  7:  Nine West  |  8:  Biala 

I am loving the sandals this season - from wedges, to espadrilles to strappy laced up sandals - I just can't get enough.  I'm excited to show you a few upcoming looks with the new purchases!  I've linked a few of my favs!  I've just ordered #7 (possibly in two colors too!), #2 and I'm thinking about #3!  I'd love to see a few of your favorite sandals this season - add your link when you click on comments!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

hello brooklyn

Love this view!

We strolled all over Brooklyn Heights before brunch! :)

Every where there were blooms!  I can't wait for it to happen in USNY!

The Brooklyn Bridge! :)

Glass house.

Rachel & Jared - our amaze friends and great hosts!

John and I!  

Smorgasburg - food tents everywhere - we'll have to go there next time!

Jared loves following the blog...and photo bombing...he SO wants to be in it!

Don't mind my brunch belly!

Dress:  (similar here)  |  Jacket:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Bag:  Michael Kors  |  Flats:  Sam Edelman  |  Necklace:  Jennifer Zeuner  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban

I'm finally getting up a post about the great long weekend we had in Brooklyn and LI last weekend!  We had a great Texas dinner Friday night with a small group of friends at Hill Country.  It was super yummy so I got my beef brisket fill - I just wish they had the picnic tables outside as it was so warm and nice to be under the twinkling lights!

Saturday Rach and I juiced it up before our class at her gym which kicked our butts and I was glad it was over.  It was similar to a barre class that I've taken in Saratoga, but just different methods of small movements.  While we were there, the guys were played some hoops.  John hurt his ankle and both of them got sunburned - more sunburned then our friend who is very fair skinned!  Rachel and I hit up Sephora & Nordstrom Rack - I can't wait until Albany gets a Nordstrom (anything!).  That means I'll actually have to drive to Albany.  We hurried back to meet friends for dinner and drinks at Houston Hall - it totally took me back to our bachelorette trip to Austin.  It was such a great weekend last year and Houston Hall definitely gave us that Texas vibe!  We made our way back to some old stomping grounds - Thunder Jacksons (I helped crush a boot), Coyote Ugly (face palm - and way different now/ still creepy) and then headed back to BK.  

Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful brunch in Brooklyn Heights and enjoyed walking around the waterfront.  It was a little chillier that day, especially near the water, but the sun was still out and shining so that helped.  They've really built up the waterfront area and it was great to see all the activities; the market, to the outside sports complex and just nature coming alive!  We had to cut our Sunday short in BK as we were heading out to LI for an engagement party for Nick and Valerie.  Our friend Jamaal came down from Saratoga as well so that was a good time at a local Italian Restaurant.  We wrapped up the day at Nick's parent's house which was beautiful.  We all did have to get up early to head back to Saratoga for work on Monday.  It was definitely a struggle!  I can't wait to go back to Brooklyn and LI to explore some more in the future, however I'm really looking forward to a low key weekend in Saratoga! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

winedown wednesday part deux

This is the view from our apartment!

I love Dibon.  This is probably one of my favorite bottle of bubbly - and it is perfect to add to mimosas or other cocktails!  It has a fresh crisp taste with apples and pear notes.  It is very light but full of a mineral flavor.  Such a yummy sparkler for a great price of about $10-12 (it's also perfect with spicy food)! :)  The bright label dresses it up a bit too!  Drink up!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

rooftop runway

Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar here and love this canvas coat)  |  Tank:  ASOS (similar here and here)  |  Jeans:  J. Crew  |  Heels:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Watch:  Kate Spade  |  Clutch:  TJ Maxx (similar here and here)  |  Scarf: TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Earrings:  Tory Burch

I love this pair of stacked heels.  They are super comfortable and perfect with shorts, jeans or a dress!  They are definitely a go-to for many of my summer looks!  Plus my pedicures get to show too!

Tomorrow we're headed to Long Island to celebrate two friend's engagement!  John and I are so thrilled for them and this special time.  We thought since we were in the area, that we would invite ourselves to come help them celebrate - haha!  Hopefully there won't be too many Italian shenanigans going on! :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

weekend rush

Jacket:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Shirt:  Gap (similar here)  |  Leggings:  Michael Kors  (similar here)  |  Necklaces:  Kate Spade/Jennifer Zeuner  |  Sunnies:  Lola Boutique  |  Water Bottle:  Kate Spade  |  Flats:  Sam Edelman  |  Earrings:  Banana Republic

Today I get to say "bye bye long hair hello short hair!! I'm getting a brand new do!  :)  SO excited to give my hair a new look/make it fresh and healthy!  I can't wait to show you on the blog next week or perhaps you can get a sneak peak of my hair cut from Hair Creations on Instagram @closetsandcorks!

This afternoon we're headed down to Brooklyn today to visit, celebrate and send off a friend with our NYC crew!  I love going to the city, not for the shopping as it's always super crowded, but for the restaurants, bars and nightlife!  It's just so alive compared to Saratoga and our two streets of bars (which is pretty huge in general for our town).  I haven't really explored Brooklyn so it will be fun to go to go to a barre class, have brunch and be outside in the amazing weather.  I hope your weekend plans take you somewhere outside or somewhere new too! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Tank:  TJ Maxx (similar here/here)  |  Blazer:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Necklace:  Baublebar  |  Jeans:  Blank NYC  |  Clutch:  GiGi New York  |  Heels:  TJ Maxx (similar here)

OK a few things, I love my heels, however I linked a different one because mine are super old (Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx).  I've purchased one or two pairs of flats from Halogen and they've been SUPER comfortable.  I'm keeping an eye out on a pair of heels from them, but I have yet to try them.  I show you my flats in the future, but I hope the heels are just as comfortable as they are cute!

Secondly...I subscribe to Birchbox a while back.  It's so fun seeing what I receive and I love that items are the travel size!  Plus it saves me the headache of downsizing everything for trips.  This month I received a "lip lube" from LAQA & CO. and I'm OBSESSED!  The color I'm wearing is "honeypot" and I'm dying to purchase others.  It's almost as if I'm applying chapstick and color all at once.  It is minty fresh and you don't have to sharpen!  Yes...I have to reapply, but my lips haven't dried out once so I'm definitely putting the C&C stamp on this product!  I just have to decide on more colors now - loving "lambchop"...I'm probably going to have to go in to a store to decide!

P.S. Thanks Ruby & Jordan for being my team for this shoot! :)  It was a little glimpse of what it may be like in the future!!!
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