Wednesday, April 15, 2015

winedown wednesday

Here's my first WINEDOWN WEDNESDAY!  I thought I would try and incorporate more wine posts (or my friends so thoughtfully encouraged me)! :)  I may work on posting it with a yummy dish or cheese - perhaps different each week depending on how work goes! :)  I'll definitely keep you posted if something does not work well, but I do love my red wine and bubbles so that may be more of the routes I take.

Today's feature is a yummy Merlot from Napa Valley.  My family and I like to joke around and call it Mer-Lot.  The Beringer wasn't too expensive as it was about $20 a bottle.  I usually don't go that far overboard on spending a ton on wine, but this has appealing aromas of black cherry and toasty vanilla!  It's very easygoing with currant and mocha flavors that linger after drinking.  

Sip. Drink. Repeat.


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