Thursday, August 13, 2015


On a mission!

Too good...I did resist cheese fries!

My spa day really was wonderful...and yummy!

Dress:  Loft  |  Pin: (old)  |  Hat:  BR  |  Heels:  Nine West (similar here)  |  Bags:  Kate Spade/Big Buddha  |  Watch:  KS  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker

FYI: I'm wearing a size Medium in this dress and it's still has room and swing!

This week we've had several out of town visitors, which calls for multiple get togethers!  We had a great turnout and BBQ at Bridget & Steve's house (see below - so many kiddddds)!!!

Our next event was a track day.  Not all of us could take off work, but a few of us wanted to pop over during our lunch and see everyone.  Unfortunately plans didn't pan out as well as we thought since some meetings came up and children had long luxurious naps (tradsies?!) so we decided to still keep our track meeting and hit up the Shake Shack (Hey!  It's only 6 weeks that we have one here right in town!).  It was so good (as you can see) that we had to bring orders back for some co-workers!   It's so good (and worth the $5 to get in) that I'm really looking forward to going again next week....perhaps?! :)

8 babies!!!!!!!!

This one is definitely picture frame worthy!


  1. So nice to stumble upon your blog (via the wonderful Daniella). I, too, live in Saratoga and blog - check out my blog here:

  2. Christen! Thanks so much - I can't wait to follow! Sorry for the delay, I tried to respond a couple of times over the weekend, but the Blogger app wasn't working! :)


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