Wednesday, September 30, 2015

september roundup

Sweater:  TJ Maxx  |  Tank:  Banana Republic  |  Leggings:  Gap  |  Socks:  Smartwool  |  Boots:  Sperry  |  Watch:  Daniel Wellington  |  Rings:  Gorjana 1/2  |  Sunnies:  Celine (similar here)  |  Hat:  Halogen  |  Necklace:  Jennifer Zeuner  

Wrap:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Sweater:  French Connection (similar here)  |  Jeans:  Banana Republic  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar  |  Socks:  Amazon (great for booties - they don't slip)!  |  Earrings:  Etsy  |  Watch:  Daniel Wellington  |  Bag:  Michael Kors  |  Booties:  DV by Dolce Vita (similar here)  |  Sparkle Blanket:  West Elm (similar here)

Jacket:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Tee:  TJ Maxx (other fun ones here)  |  Scarf:  Vince Camuto  |  Hat:  Vince Camuto (similar here)  |  Earrings:  BR  |  Necklace:  JZ  |  Watch:  DW  |  Bag:  MK  |  Booties:  DV (similar here)

Top:  JCPenney  |  Denim:  BR  |  Necklace  JZ  |  Sunnies:  asos  |  Watch:  MK  |  Bracelet:  Loren Hope  |  Bag:  MK


Nailpolish:  Essie A-List  |  Bag: MK  |  Booties:  Sole Society  |  Sweater:  Nordstrom  |  Jacket:  J.Crew  |  Dress:  asos  |  Earrings:  Bauble Bar  |  Heel:  Halogen  |  Beanie:  Nordstrom

Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Pants:  Old Navy (similar here)  |  Bag:  Big Buddha (on sale)  |  Sunnies:  Celine (similar here)  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar  |  Earrings:  BR  |  Watch:  MK

Dress:  BR  |  Bag:  MK  |  Sandals:  TB  |  Hat:  My own (but similar here)  |  Earrings:  BR  |  Hand Chain:  Etsy  |  Rings:  Gorjana 1/2  |  Sunnies:  Celine  |  Necklace:  Skaneateles 180

Just a recap of September as we gear into October!  Not much to write here, as I've been busy cooking in the kitchen this evening!  I hope this helps you catch up to the month posts and I hope to incorporate IG outfits down the road too!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'fall'ing in love

Taughannock Falls - 3rd highest in the NE!

I thought John was snapping pictures of the falls and not me!  Some of them turned out pretty good - it was chilly from the mist!

On our way back down we could hike into the creek since it hadn't really rained and the water level was low.  It was much warmer in the sunny areas verses the trail.

Sweater:  TJ Maxx  |  Tank:  Banana Republic  |  Leggings:  Gap  |  Socks:  Smartwool  |  Boots:  Sperry  |  Watch:  Daniel Wellington  |  Rings:  Gorjana 1/2  |  Sunnies:  Celine (similar here)  |  Hat:  Halogen  |  Necklace:  Jennifer Zeuner  

We had a wonderful weekend in Ithaca!  It was gorgeous weather, except for a brief rain storm that evening.  It was the 125 year anniversary for DTD being at Cornell and the 150 anniversary was also the big celebration.  So it a was a busy weekend for CU.  Later we had a low key evening with friends at the fraternity house.  We tried heading out to their old stomping grounds after, but unfortunately it was just too busy so we headed our separate ways (after having Hot Truck of course)!  Hot Truck is a yummy french bread pizza (supposedly the original).  I guess you could consider it a late night snack for those college kids.

John had a house meeting and alumni/actives football game.  So John had a pretty busy morning!  I kept myself busy with brunch at a local restaurant and then headed to TJ Maxx for some light shopping.  Then I relaxed and hung out in the hotel room and caught up on some t.v. shows!  That afternoon we tailgated with DTD and they had a great spread.  Unfortunately, CU doesn't have a great football team or following, so not many of the guests (at least our age) go to the game like the other college football games that I've been to.  Instead we hit up the book store and made attempt number duex at the old bar scene.  After a quick pint we headed back to the hotel room to get ready for the formal.  It was a lovely cocktail hour and sit down dinner before the shenanigans began!

John and I grabbed breakfast quickly near The Commons and then headed on our adventure of exploring the area!  We went directly to Taughannock Falls.  This area of NY is known for gorges...i.e. Ithaca is GORGEous.  This is the 3rd highest falls in the NE, even bigger than Niagara Falls, but unfortunately doesn't compare to the power/size of NF.  It was a light high/drive around the area with great look out points.  It was also fun to be able to walk right up to the falls.  It was so warm in the sun that I wanted to jump right into the water, but in the shade it was super cool!  It was interesting because of how high the gorge is at the level we were walking/standing, is around the actual depth of Cayuga Lake!  Afterward we enjoyed a little stop at a local farmer's market before heading back to Saratoga for some yummy grilled cheese and tomato bisque soup.  #totallyfallvibes ;)

So about this box of chocolates...

John proposed to me in Vermont on September 24, 2012.  He had planned an activity of horseback riding early in the day, I give him props for that!  It was so different/out of his element, that it was quiet amusing for us both!  We even saw a sundog - look it up, I guess it's rare to see!  Afterward, we grabbed some snacks (wine and cheese - hello we're in VT!) and headed out to find a local park, but instead we stumbled upon a nearby waterfall.  It was so relaxing by the falls that I was pretty much ready for a nap, but instead he had planned a couples massage.  It would have been perfect, but I couldn't relax enough to enjoy it thoroughly because my masseur had a funny little mustache!  However, he must have relaxed me just enough because I was oblivious to what John had planned next!  He steered me toward a garden nearby where we hung out and talked for a bit before he gave me a box of chocolates!  A box of chocolates I might add that I never even noticed in his hoodie pocket before or after!  Still having no clue of what was happening...I only ate one chocolate, BUT he persuaded me to have a second.  After only having two chocolates (usually I at least take a bit of a few others), and not noticing anything different below the treats, he decided to dump the chocolates out onto my lap and got down on his knee, said a few words (that I cannot recall then or now) and proposed!!!!  It truly was a magical moment that I still can't believe he pulled it off!!!  As you can see our story keeps growing from there! ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

blanket wrap

Wrap:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Sweater:  French Connection (similar here)  |  Jeans:  Banana Republic  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar  |  Socks:  Amazon (great for booties - they don't slip)!  |  Earrings:  Etsy  |  Watch:  Daniel Wellington  |  Bag:  Michael Kors  |  Booties:  DV by Dolce Vita (similar here)  |  Sparkle Blanket:  West Elm (similar here)

I was trying since Tuesday to get you a Winedown Wednesday post, but unfortunately, due to John's schedule Tuesday and having to accompany a co-worker to the ER we missed the GORGEOUS sunset Tuesday night.  Wednesday we were able to get out there and enjoy it, but it ended up be late and the Bordeaux I chose ended up having the cork break and fall back into the bottle!  It also wasn't the best tasting Bordeaux I've had so I couldn't really recommend it.  The Malbec I had the other night was devine though! I mean really, the list could go on!  However, the evening was wonderful, the food was great and the company was the best! :)  It was a great first day of fall night out on the boat!  So instead of a Winedown Wednesday post, here's an outfit post instead! ;)

Some pictures from my phone:

P.S.  It's also our engagement anniversary!  :)  3 years!!!

I'll share more on the next post on how he proposed, but here's a glimpse! ;)  

This was from our engagement session!  Photo taken by:  Bailly Photo

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Jacket:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Tee:  TJ Maxx (other fun ones here)  |  Scarf:  Vince Camuto  |  Hat:  Vince Camuto (similar here)  |  Earrings:  BR  |  Necklace:  JZ  |  Watch:  DW  |  Bag:  MK  |  Booties:  DV (similar here)

I just purchased this jacket recently and I can't believe I haven't incorporated a canvas jacket into my wardrobe sooner!  It's going to be a great staple for fall this year and it'll fit in perfectly with my vests!  I also appreciate the longer look of this jacket and I can actually button it up and cinch at the waist to give it form.  It's a great weight without feeling like I have to take it off as soon as I get inside.  I also like that it's easy to clean - trust me - I already spilled on it...go figured!  As you can see I'm back to wearing my hats!  This time I broke out the wool style ones for fall - I'm totally embracing them and it helps when you don't feel like doing your hair too!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  I can't wait to fill you in later this week on mine! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

food, fall, Ferrari

Top:  JCPenney  |  Denim:  BR  |  Necklace  JZ  |  Sunnies:  asos  |  Watch:  MK  |  Bracelet:  Loren Hope  |  Bag:  MK

Here's a flirty and fun look from JCPenney's!  It was love a first sight and it will be a great staple this winter!  Although I'm not really a short top person (almost like a crop top on me), but I couldn't resist!  I can't wait to try and pair this with other items!  I'm really looking forward to incorporating emerald as well as Merlot colors throughout this fall/winter season.  What is your favorite flirty top?

One last post before the weekend...although some of you may already be on weekend mode!  Here's the recap for the Saratoga Food & Wine Festival (previously the Food, Fall and Ferrari Festival - cue the fast car noises)!  John and I have always desired to go to this event, but we've never been here to actually attend!  I'm so happy we were able to go this year and I look forward to years to come.  Now I just need to be local for the Hot Air Balloon Festival up north to go see/do in both the evenings and mornings!  We'll be at Cornell so perhaps next year!  Any-who it was a wonderful SPAC event and it was accompanied by great friends and the food and wine tastings were divine.  Even the eye candy (the fancy cars) were great!   I enjoyed the various restaurants, near and far and ones I love and now love even more!  We wrapped up our afternoon of tasting local and regional wines and food and enjoyed a night in watching Top Gun and having Asian food.  The throwback movie came from the boys!  It was a long but quick day and I was happy to be home during the rainy evening snuggled in!

P.S.  There were cars too...ha!

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