Sunday, September 13, 2015

chilly nights

Sweater:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Pants:  Old Navy (similar here)  |  Bag:  Big Buddha (on sale)  |  Sunnies:  Celine (similar here)  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar  |  Earrings:  BR  |  Watch:  MK

First thing's first, I misspoke when I mentioned that Victor Espinoza won 6 Stakes this racing season.  In fact he did not, Javier Castellano, won all 6 stakes as he beat Victor Espinoza in the 2015 Travers race with American Pharoah!  Javier rode Keen Ice for Travers and won - but still keep watch on Dancing with the Stars and you'll see an amazing jockey!  I hope he does well!

So now I'm back tracking to the best weekend in Saratoga!!!!  I didn't get time to write about it when the two busy back to back weekends collided, but it was such a well planned Travers!  And not just because we had a Triple Crown winner racing either!

Thursday my sister Mary Ellen got in and worked from our apartment.  John was on swings (late afternoon to late evening schedule) and I had to work Thursday and Friday.  ME and I grabbed a yummy dinner at my favorite place, Hatties (also my wedding caterer).  I had their summer special, fried soft shell crab (sensing a theme??) on a bed of spicy veggies and ME had their salad with pulled chicken throughout.  Afterward we headed back my apartment hang out and crash as we were getting up early to enjoy breakfast at the track!  

Breakfast at the track is probably the most relaxing time during track season.  You roll out of bed (in my case I had to get ready for work), and you grab your breakfast sammie and coffee from Uncommon Grounds (or you make them in our case) and casually stroll into the track for some morning workouts.  This time it was ABSOLUTELY packed.  American Phaoroah had a 15 minute workout and there were about 10,000+ people there this morning.  Pretty crazy, but it was still fun to go and see.  Usually in the morning the fog is slowly being burned off by the summer sun and it just creates such a magical experience.  After we parted ways, John and ME went out and about downtown before Sean and Lauren got in.  Once I was able to catch up with them, we had an amazing dinner at 15 Church!  It's by far the best restaurant in Saratoga and I was excited to share the experience with our friends and family.  After dinner we all met up with the rest of our party to have a night out on the town!

Saturday, THE day, Travers!  The guys stayed in bed, while Lauren, Val and I all went to set up a spot at the track.  ME stayed at the Springwater B&B for the weekend so we didn't wake her either!  It's so easy, we just walked in with our tickets (usually you can just purchase the morning of, but the tickets were capped at 50,000).  So anyways, we set up shop and what's great is that it's like a honor policy, where you just respect if someone put a table cloth on a table or has their tent set up, no one touches it or takes your spot!  So we went back home to make some breakfast sammies, bloody Mary's and mimosas while we all got ready for some betting!  John and I did pretty well that day and even though American Pharoah was considered the favorite, we decided to bet more monies on Keen Ice, who ended up winning the Travers race!  It was really cool.  ME even was staying at the same B&B where one of the investor's was staying and heard all about his horse and how much he's been training in Saratoga!  So how could you not bet on him!?  After the long day at the track, we headed back to Nick and Val's house to enjoy a small BBQ.  It was nice to wrap up the evening decently early.  

Sunday I had breakfast with ME at the B&B (their muffins were to die for, oh and the 5,000 cookies were too) and then we basically hung out in her room all morning.  Finally when we got out of bed, we met John and tootled around town before heading back to the track for a race or two.  Afterwards we met up with Nick and Val while he played at one of the bars downtown.  We were supposed to go to polo that evening, but we decided to skip and keep the evening simple and low key.  I think next year I want to add in a spa day with my sister to switch it up a bit!  It'd be really relaxing!  Perhaps I could with all my winnings! ;)  We'll definitely have to see what the next Travers brings for us!  

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, it was cooler here with the rainstorms so I really got to bust out some fall attire...more to come! x

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