Wednesday, September 9, 2015

salty hair - beachy waves

Dress:  BR  |  Bag:  MK  |  Sandals:  TB  |  Hat:  My own (but similar here)  |  Earrings:  BR  |  Hand Chain:  Etsy  |  Rings:  Gorjana 1/2  |  Sunnies:  Celine  |  Necklace:  Skaneateles 180

Sorry, I'm not wine-ing it down tonight, but I'm still trying to regroup from two really long weekends.  First weekend up is LDW (next will be Travers)!  Any ways, I hope you all enjoyed your LDW because we enjoyed our first trip to Dewey Beach!  We made pretty good timing making our way down on Friday for the long weekend and two birthday celebrations!  A group of us ended up VRBOing a home just a few blocks from the beach.  It really reminded me of San Diego when we visited last LDW.  It was a low key evening as as more of our group was getting in that evening so we enjoyed a happy hour at the house headed out to dinner at Que Pasa on the bay side of DB.  Since most of the bars and restaurants were well underway for the evening adventures, we made our way back to the house to enjoy some nightcaps and visit with our friends.

Saturday everyone woke up and either worked out, took their pups to the beach or just hung around and made a scrumptious breakfast!  Then we all got ready and headed to the beach.  The guys jumped into the big waves and played some football while tried keeping out of the sun and surf.  After only a few hours at the beach we went to Jimmy's Grille with fun drinks and food.  It was great to get out of the heat and even better when we headed back to the house to enjoy our two outdoor showers!  They were perfect to get rid of all of the salt, sand and sunscreen!  I wish I could have one here in Saratoga for our future home! ;)  {Probably not necessary in Saratoga...}  Saturday night we BBQ'd and celebrated the 30 year old men with some birthday cake and ice cream!  John and I ended up heading out and grabbed a couple of drinks at a Dewey Beer Co. and then went to an outside concert bar called Bottle and Cork for some fun music!

Sunday John and I headed to the beach with some iced coffees at Baked and then popped over to the Starboard for a famous Bloody Mary Bar.  John was in Heaven! :)  Afterward we grabbed breakfast back at the house and planned on heading up to Rohobeth Beach for the afternoon.  It was super easy to get to/from as we took the Jolly Trolley.  RB was WAY too crowded and reminded me of Atlantic City, but you couldn't even see the water!  Instead we walked the boardwalk and John tried impressing me with his ski ball skills and ended up winning enough tickets for a friendship bracelet!  He did try to win my blogging heart by using the claw machine to get that KS wallet, but unfortunately he lost out! ;)  Ski balling really worked up an appetite so we headed to Claws and grabbed a dozen crabs for lunch and had to work at eating them!  I was definitely ready to lounge by the water so we headed back to DB for bocce and swimming - the waves were much better, but still just as strong.  The ocean was the perfect temperature for me - cool, but warm enough that you don't have to get used to it.  Definitely a different temperature than Lake Superior for sure!  Afterward, we headed back to the house for a quick outdoor shower and turned right around for a sunset cocktail hour at Ivy and a night out on the town!

Monday we basically packed up the rental and drove home, we were even able to catch the last two races of track season!  The last stakes races was won by Javier Castellano.  He won all six Stakes this year in Saratoga including Travers - sorry American Pharoah!!  Such an accomplishment!  It's good to be back home and even though summer isn't officially over, I'm looking forward to sticking around Saratoga for fall weekends and getting back into the grove of not being away too often...well except for next weekend when we're at Cornell's Homecoming, but that's not too far, but then we're really here with not much on our schedule, but looking forward to our Thanksgiving trip.  I'll share more details another night!  Enjoy your short work week and the cooler nights {I hope}!

​PS today I wore white after LD, don't tell John!!! ;)​  He still believes that rule applies!

The Men!!!  Jared, Sam <Birthday Boys> James, Connor, John, Pete, Andrew and Anthony!

The ladies!!!  Cathy, Jessica, me, Meghan, Andrea and Rachel!

Sunset Cocktails!

Left to Right:  Jared, Rachel, Andrea, Sam, Connor, James, Cathy, Meghan, Pete, Anthony, John and me!

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