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1:  Pants  |  2.  Scarf (just received and I love!)  |  3.  Watch  |  4.  Dress  |  5.  Pillows (obsessed!)  |  6:  Blanket  |  7.  Napkins  |  8.  Canvas  |  9.  Shirt  |  10.  Heels  |  11.  Poncho  |  12.  Phone Case


As you've seen on my Instagram account I've been loving on plaid.  I've been wearing scarfs, ponchos and I've even been looking a few plaid shirts to layer with.  For the home I'm loving the throws and I'm really crushing on these pillows in both the red plaid and herringbone print.  The Pendleton blanket has been on my list as we've had many of these wool blankets in my childhood.  I can't wait to share more plaid posts with you when we travel to Ireland!  Have you been obsessed with plaid like I have been?  If so, what are your favorite pieces?


I meant to mention in the last post about my visit with my parents.  It was a great Halloween weekend visit and the weather turned out great!  My parents arrived on Friday after spending the night in Skaneateles.  We had a great walk up North Broadway to show them the homes all decorate for trick-or-treaters.  We then got ready for dinner at our favorite place - 15 Church.  It was fun to treat my parents to a great meal in Saratoga.  We shared the tuna tartare and the beef carpaccio which was so yummy!  Mom and I drank Malbec and John and Dad had a couple of different beers.  For the main course Mom had scallops and John and my Dad had Veal and Lamb (I couldn't remember who had which!) and I of course had my gnocchi and I tried the lobster salad - everything was great!  We of course finished up with zeppolis and coffee.  After a great dinner and conversation we parted ways.

Saturday was jam packed!  John and I met them for breakfast at the Springwater B&B.  Their rooms are so cute and cozy and their breakfasts are so yummy.  The staff is so accommodating that it was nice to be treated to a breakfast with my parents.  After breakfast we headed out toward Saratoga Lake to watch Head of the Fish.  There was a lot of construction on the bridge, but we saw the Skidmore crew finishing up.  We headed out to Greenwich to pick up my dad's grandparent's bedroom set that I started out with after college.  It went from Saratoga to Portsmouth and back to Saratoga with me.  It all fit in my parent's mini van and we headed back into town to make church.  After church we reconvened at our apartment for some college football games.  Unfortunately most of the games were pretty late so we didn't make it too far so we crashed early.

Sunday we slept in and headed out to Saratoga State Park to walk some trails and see the spouter.  We even found out that there is a pretty good stream that they load with some trout the Wednesday before Easter.  It's a huge event so John and I hope to make it next year (perhaps we'll even have some gear to try it out with)!  We caught an early lunch at Putnam Market before parting ways.  My parents headed back home, but made a quick stop/overnight in Skaneateles before making the long trek home.

Overall I think they really enjoy their visit and I can't wait till they come back to visit as there is so much to see/do in the area during each and every season!  My mom was saying she loved being so close to everything and walking to downtown!  I'm happy they are looking forward to retirement and figuring out how they want to live and where they want to go and end up for some time!  Perhaps they'll end up in upstate NY with us!  ;)

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