Wednesday, January 27, 2016

cheese board

Excuse some of the pictures and the cork in the wine glass.  I'm testing out a few new photography skills/editing as well as the recently added vintage wine corker that we received from John's grandparents.  He made it look so easy, but I completely failed at it (aka - the cork landed in the bottle).  I guess I'll wait till he's home to try it again.  I skipped the opening of Hamlet & Ghost - I figured it'd be too packed, but I might step out tonight for a cocktail with a girlfriend.  We'll see!

Anyways, this lovely Malbec is pretty easy-going.  I don't think it was too tangy for taste where I have to hold it in my mouth before the bitterness subsides.  It was quiet smooth.  I paid about $15 for this bottle and I was really pleased.  I picked a Malbec (again) because I purchased my favorite Spanish cheese - Manchego.  It was great to pair with the chocolate fig spread, almonds and grapes.  Although not the best all-around dinner, I do love that cheese boards can incorporate just about a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and (mostly) cheeses.  It's easy to pull together and accommodate the variety of flavors whether from the wine or tastes - I hope you're able to enjoy your pick from Winedown Wednesday today! :)


  1. I love Malbec wine! My favorite ultra-affordable Malbec that Derek and I have found is called Conquista and another slightly higher-priced option is called MMM (both from Mendoza). You guys should try them sometime and let me know what you think! -Eliz

  2. I'll write that one down - I'm obsessed with Malbec's as well! 😊


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