Wednesday, February 24, 2016

bitter cold

Coat:  Eddie Bauer  |  Denim:  Banana Republic  |  Hat:  Carhartt  |  Scarf:  Nordstrom  |  Boots:  L.L. Bean  |  Socks:  L.L. Bean  |  Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban  |  Gloves:  The North Face


John celebrated his 31st(!) birthday two weekends ago and we packed it full of upstate goodies that have been on our to-do list!  Friday night after work we headed up to West Mountain for a fun night of tubing.  They typically have night skiing, but they were also having a winter celebration filled with fireworks, bands and a light show.  We didn't stay for the main event as the temperature was dropping fast.  So we headed back towards town, but picked up a 9 Miles East pizza!  It was such a good choice and I'm glad to know that they deliver.  So we hunkered down and enjoyed our pizza and wine while watching The Quiet Man.

Since the temperature dropped so low that weekend, we made a short visit to the state park Saturday just to get out of the apartment before grabbing a showing of Hail Caesar!  I knew well before going to the movie that I would not like it at all.  Little did John know, I took a $12.50 nap in a recliner.

Sunday, we headed down to Howe Caverns as we knew that this was something we could do "outdoors," but we would be at a warmer temperature during our tour.  The cave stays at around 50 degrees so it was still a tad chilly, but I had toured a cave once in Doolin, Ireland when I studied abroad, and John had been to HC previously so we knew a bit of what to expect.  Afterwards we caught a yummy lunch at Brown's Brewery in Troy.  I'll have to try their other location as we explore the Capital District more.  We then headed back home for some lounging and meal prep for our Valentine's Day dinner.  This year we decided to make sushi at home!  It wasn't actually too difficult and it was fun seeing all the ingredients we prepared make it (or not make it) into our sushi rolls.  John's rolls were especially funny because they were quite thin or split.  Hehe!  Needless to say I think we'll try it again in the future!

We wrapped up the weekend with some skiing on Monday as it warmed up quite a bit.  We didn't stay for too long; I was still trying to keep an eye on my back pain, but it was good to get out on the slopes.  John had a lovely one day early Happy Birthday dinner as he had to work his actual birthday, but we of course celebrated with cake and Champagne!  Here's to a great 31 John!

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  1. Thank you darling for the wonderful weekend and time spent with you!


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