Monday, February 22, 2016

north face

Coat:  The North Face (similar here) |  Pants:  The North Face (I wear a pair of leggings and socks underneath for extra warmth)  |  Gloves:  The North Face  |  Helmet:  Anon  |  Goggles:  Smith  |  Clava:  similar here  |  Turtleneck:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Boots/Skis/Poles:  Second Hand (but love these and these)


I've only been out on the slopes three times this late winter season, but I've been making good use out of my ski gear since purchasing the previous year.  I've linked everything above, but I want to express to you that my gloves and clava are key on cold days.  The gloves have wrist straps that if I have to blow my nose or adjust my goggles I can take them off on the lift with ease and not worry about losing them to the mountain below.  Yes, something simple and weird, but if you had them then it's definitely a plus!  The clava is also my go-to because it acts as my hat, but also covers my mouth and nose if need be without having to deal with separate accessories to adjust and fix each time you mess with one or the other.  Usually I'm just good with covering my chin and that keeps me warm, but every now and then I need to cover up when it's freezing windy out.  As you can see I'm in full black.  I'm not very ballsy when it comes to ski gear, but I love seeing what everyone else wears, including the bright colors and prints.  I have a little of an itch to try bright colors or prints, but then I just gravitate toward the black gear.  Perhaps when I get a bit more use out of this I'll switch it up (or catch a good sale)!

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