Friday, April 1, 2016

corporate closet

Blazer:  Banana Republic (similar here - LOVE this)  |  Blouse:  Vince Camuto - old (similar here)  |  Pants:  Loft  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar  |  Bracelets:  1-Banana Republic (love this)/2/3 |  Watch:  Kate Spade (crushing on this also)  Ring:  David Yurman  |  Flats:  Halogen - last year (similar here)  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban's I found at TJ Maxx on sale (similar here)  |  Earrings:  Banana Republic  Bag:  Kate Spade



Pretty much has run my life lately, and it seems that it won't let up anytime soon.  It has consumed most of my personal life, workout life and even including my shopping life - ha!  I.E.:  why the blog has suffered a bit in March.  SO, I figured I'd start April off on the right foot!  That and there is always that winter to spring transition that I'm never sure what to wear.  I work in a corporate office and I use corporate loosely because we're an office of about 10 people and our dress code is professional, but here or there we're definitely more relaxed.

A few weeks back I was scheduled to go on a work training trip to NYC, but my trip was cancelled as I was helping and learning a whole knew side of accounting.  [Did I mention that I don't have any background in accounting?!]  I was also scheduled to go on a family trip (trip details later), so learning a bit of that side and handling my own job all while covering at other locations AND a new program was a bit of an overload...that has still to let up a bit.  That trip then turned into another training session in our NYC offices so I was happy to get a second chance to go.  The trips had me thinking of sprucing myself up when it came to my everyday office.  NYC is all about corporate work wear, but I figured I could dust off a few of my work pants (thank God they fit) and add a few fun colors or prints from the spring sales into my closet so I could wear in the Saratoga office from here on out.

Blazers.  Love them.  The one pictured above is from Banana Republic.  The color and length is perfect!  It's a tad stretchy which helps as I feel like my shoulders/chest area never fits right, so this was a great find!  I also size up so I can put a light sweater on underneath on chilly days.  I have currently four blazers and I hope to keep an eye out over the year (and sales) for a nice white and perhaps one in a fun timeless print.  Normally I would have thrown on one of my flowy cardigans, but I can now opt for a blazer which is more dressy, slimming and structured - also very flattering to one's figure.  I think my corporate closet may just add a touch more of success on to my career!

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