Sunday, April 3, 2016

Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags

Kate Spade Floral  |  Tumi  |  Kate Spade Stripe  |  Kate Spade Neon  |  Target  |  Madewell  |  Tory Burch  |  Kate Spade Neutral  |  Kate Spade Pink

Since I've been on the upgrading of my work attire, my desktop was also upgraded to a laptop since I've been jumping around from location to location.  I was searching for the right laptop bag (I didn't want the company one - boring!).  I landed on something similar to the Kate Spade pink tote, only because I wanted to be able to fit files and other information into it when I needed.  It also doubles as a cute gym bag or cute everyday tote when it's not consumed by work! ;)

I also love the Tumi backpack style along with the neutral version of the Kate Spade bag...although I wouldn't want to pay that much for an item to be used here or there for work.

As Rihanna would say..."work work work work work work".

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