Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Dress:  asos  |  Necklace:  Loren Hope (another style)  |  Wedges:  Dolce Vita  |  Bag:  GiGi New York  |  Earrings:  Banana Republic  |  Sunnies:  Celine  |  Watch:  Kate Spade


I've finally found the perfect little white dress!  I've been on the hunt for a summer or two and I didn't want to settle.  I have a nice flowy white dress for soft summer days, but I've wanted one for a fun summer party, a romantic dinner at Prime or for a day at the track.  I thought that this was perfect!  It's sweet with a little lace and ladder detailing, but long enough and it gives a bit as you move - so it's definitely perfect for a little heat during the summer.  I'm keeping an eye out to wear this to an event this spring and I hope the weather holds out for it!

Last year I found these and these wedges and I was debating on getting either pair.  I was glad I held out as one was just a little too short and the other was just a little to high because I came across the pair I'm wearing here and I'm so much more happy with them (and the color)!  It's a perfect (and my favorite) color for summer and I can't wait to wear them with summer dresses.

One last thing about this look that's SUPER crucial.  I think I've found my favorite neutral nail color.  There I said it!  But really, while I do love bright colors for summer, I try to keep it neutral for work and all the various outfits I wear I love wearing Essie Peak Show.  I even bring my own bottle to the nail salon so I know it's not mixed and I can retouch at home if need be.  It goes on decently thick for coverage, but not too stark white and still has a pink tinge to it.  I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a great nail color!

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