Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Dress:  Asos  |  Bag:  Kate Spade  |  Sandals:  Oka-B (hand-me-downs!)  |  Hat:  Michael Stars -  last year! Found it still here!  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban


The dress is so flirty and perfectly cool for the heat that has pretty much been hanging around literally allll this week.  So I paired it with pops of pink!  This outfit didn't come together really until I received my first hand-me-down in years!  The cute bow sandals I received from my cousin, who gave them to her mother, who gave them to my sister who gave them to me as it didn't work for any of them - pretty much a Gold-i-locks moment!  I mean, come on, all of us women have been there where we have a dress, or a pair of shoes or a top and it just doesn't fit right!  So instead of talking ourselves out of the purchase we shove our body part into the item and make it work.  Only to find out that we wear it once or twice and then it just sits and sits in our closet until we end up donating or selling the item.  This moment just made me think of what I can do with items in my closet.  I can share with my friends and family, consign items that aren't their type and then donate the rest.  I mean it really should be a process of deciding what you should do with your unwanted/unfitting items.  Also, friends you can always do the same process to me ;) - it just totally made me miss my time with my girlfriends, roommates and stealing my sister's things!  How would you go about making use of the items in your closet that you tend to skip over?!

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