Tuesday, September 13, 2016

all the fall things

So I've been legit super M.I.A.  Not on purpose, but for two reasons.  Work (obviously/boring - more on that another time), but mainly because any shopping I've done, has absolutely NOT worked out.  I guess it was a little eas(ier) on the wallet.  Pretty much everything has been returned besides a pair or two of shoes and a few bags.  Not one article of clothing has worked out at all.  Even all the bajillion dresses I ordered for track season just. did. not. work.  Not to mention it was a super hot summer and the thought of wearing anything super cute or form fitting/with color for the track was just 100% unappealing.  I was all about the comfort and airy approach that I pretty much wore the same two dresses each weekend (I even didn't wear any facinators to the track)!  I hope that with some of the cooler days/evenings it will be helpful to bring back and incorporate some of the items I've hidden away all spring/summer season and give a fresh new look, but I'm not going to push it too hard

1.  Go apple picking
2.  Hike one of the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks - I didn't make it this summer, so I'll try again with the fall foliage.
3.  Have a bonfire with red wine of course.
4.  Enjoy a glass of red up at the Sagamore or Inn of Erlowest
5.  Boat cruise with wine and cheese for the foliage
6.  Throw an Oktoberfest
7.  Have a football party with friends at a location outside of Saratoga
8.  Figure out John's third year wedding anniversary gift - it's leather - any ideas would be great as I'm completely drawing a blank!
9.  See Bridget Jones's Baby with some girlfriends
10.  Attend the ADK Balloon Festival

Any other suggestions would be great and I hope to be more regular with my posts again!!

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