Friday, December 30, 2016

ring in the new year

Shirt:  J.Crew  |  Sweater:  Gap (old) - similar here  |  Necklace:  Bauble Bar (old) - similar here  |  Earrings:  Banana Republic  |  Bracelet:  Kate Spade (old) - similar here  |  Bag:  Henri Bendel  |  Denim:  Banana Republic  |  Flats:  Sole Society (old) - similar here


Just like Christmas had crept up on me, so has NYE!  While I would love to put on a fancy dress and heels, this year calls for boots, a blouse and warm outerwear as we trek our way to downtown Saratoga for dancing, drinks and laughter as we ring in the new year with friends.  We avoid cabs at all cost on NYE and of course we don't want to get in trouble with driving, so this is our easy way out!  Friends will be crashing with us so I look forward to rolling out of bed (sans headache I hope) and having a NYD brunch!  We figured we might as well live it up while we still can!  I hope that you have a safe and happy NY!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Eve

Coat:  J.Crew (last year - but other colors)  |  Sweater:  Banana Republic  |  Pants:  Macy's - Alfani  |  Heels:  Nordstrom Rack (similar here)  |  Bracelet:  Kate Spade (old)  |  Clutch:  Nordstrom  |  Earrings:  Design Darling  |  Champs:  Chandon


Merry Christmas from C&C!  It was fun pulling together a holiday outfit (even if it was at the last second)!  I must thank my sister, Mary Ellen who snatched up these pants at Macy's and said I must go out and grab them as she had received so many compliments!  She wasn't wrong.  The perfect black pant to dress up your holiday outfits this year as there is a cute black stitch detailing throughout the pant...they even have a little stretch to them to keep you comfortable.   I'll definitely be wearing these to Christmas mass.

I've been working on some holiday front porch game and I've received some inquires from neighbors asking me to work on their porch decor *feeling super flattered*!  We also received our couch...finally! So I'm pulling curtains and picked out a rug and trying to transform a room pretty quickly before hosting a housewarming.  Once almost complete, I'll share!  Just keeping ya'll in the loop!  Enjoy your holiday weekend - I will...and I won't try and be in my jammies all weekend with my holiday cocktail (pictured in my Instagram pics).  Recipe below.

Christmas Cocktail:
3 parts Polar Cranberry Cider Seltzer
2 parts Hendricks Gin
1 part St. Germaine
Crushed Ice

Pear - two slices with a fun toothpick
Frozen cranberries


Friday, December 16, 2016

subtle holiday plaid

Shirt:  Banana Republic  |  Denim:  Banana Republic (in long)  |  Heels:  Nine West (similar here)  |  Bag:  Kate Spade  |  Earrings:  Banana Republic


One last whirlwind of a week before Christmas is already here and the temps are showing it for sure.  I'm in full mode of of Christmas, well with all the snow we've received, the cold temperatures and the holiday cocktails!  I still have a few odds and ends to do before the holiday...that includes shopping, wrapping and baking, but already NYE is on my mind.  That includes my plans and my outfit!  This shirt with possibly a glitzy necklace might just do the trick!  

Friday, December 9, 2016


Blazer:  Banana Republic  |  Denim:  Old (similar here)  |  Earrings:  Lisi Lerch  |  Blouse:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Scarf:  TJ Maxx (similar here and in other colors too)  |  Pumps:  Nine West (similar here)  |  Bag:  Henri Bendel - love this bag and love the leather (keeps shape)!


Yes, I'm still upping my blazer game...I mean it's tough!  The right fit, the right length the right print.  Trust me I tried a BR and a J.Crew one these prints and I felt HUGE in them.  I'm a curvy, busty girl and it just did not help or flatter any part of my upper body like the solid ones do.  Keep that in mind, but I will forever be on the hunt for the perfect print!  

We're still settling in.  Mostly settled, except for our clothes being put away and our couch that needs to arrive ASAP!  But it should be here shortly and we plan on putting in a closet system this weekend (let's hope)!  It'll be wonderful to be organized up in the bedroom and then I can officially start a hard and deep clean - OCD please kick in!  I still have to find chairs for our table so we can enjoy hosting for real.  So we'll see - I'll be happy to share a home tour once a bit more settled.  Until later...

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Jacket:  Barbour  |  Sweatshirt:  Sugarfoot  |  Shirt:  J.Crew  |  Denim:  Banana Republic (similar here)  |  Boots:  LL Bean  |  Watch:  Daniel Wellington  |  Bracelet:  Banana Republic  |  Hat:  Southern Proper (similar here and here)  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban  |  Earrings:  Banana Republic


A few weeks back we went to the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup as one last hoorah and get together for our friends who are due to have their first baby in December.  To much of all our surprises it was not a hunt at all (those misleading pictures of men in red coats).  There were Steeplechase races along the PA farmland and countryside.  It was much different than the Saratoga races, as we all tailgated and walk around to see the races from different parts of the field.  We lucked out with weather that weekend other wise we would have been pretty miserable, but the countryside was quite windier than West Chester so this coat came in handy!  I loved the upper pockets.  So practical and more natural to use than the lower pockets...I know, I know I really could go on about it, but really I may need to find other coats with the same feature.  Also, I found this sweatshirt through one of my favorite stores - Skaneateles 300.  It's so soft and long in the sleeves and length (thank you) and true to size!  I mean really it just seemed so fitting since John and I just bought a house so I figured I'd make it official and become an upstate girl!  She has other items on her site too that were cute, but this I can just see myself wearing all winter long with leggings and UGGs...just in time for December! :)
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