Friday, January 20, 2017

leather jacket

Leather Jacket:  Nordstrom Rack (love this and this)  |  Tank:  BR  |  Denim:  BR (old - love this style too)  |  Scarf:  Loft (similar style here)  |  Bag:  Michael Kors (other colors too!)  |  Earrings:  BR (my staple)  |  Flats:  Ivanka Trump


I never thought I would be able to pull off a leather (pleather) jacket, but once again, it's just how you style it.  Since I'm busty I wear the jacket open so it doesn't add more fabric to an area that doesn't need it.  I also, as usual, wear a longer blouse underneath and then add either a statement necklace or a big scarf.  Since the jacket has a large collar, I also pair it with skinny jeans to balance out the body so items weren't all overwhelming my body and making it larger than it really is.  Size, structure and tailoring is everything!  I completed my look with a paid of leopard flats to give that oxblood jacket an edgier look, but you could also pair it with booties or a pair of pumps for the night out.  It just depends on the time of day and what you have going on!


I thought I would write at least one blog post while I'm on vacation.  Normally I would be refraining from social media and blogging, but John is still working, the mornings are slow and there's only so much beach time and reading I can do (I've crushed three books already this trip - shocker I know!).  Overall, we usually try and refrain from social media on vacation (IE: the Maldives and Dubai - Ireland not so much), just so we can overall relax and let our minds decompress.  We only try to hop on the computer when we're trying to research what to do the next day and otherwise have our phones on airplane mode.  Trust me it's a wonderful thing, you focus your energy on each other and what you're doing without focusing on social media and what everyone else is doing back home!  You'll be able to catch up later anyways.  Another reality is when you're at dinner or lounging by the pool and people are just glued to the devices.  John and really had a wake up call when we were on our honeymoon and so were the other couples and they were just not interacting as they were on their phones.  Even on our date nights at home we try to keep the phones away.  So I'm looking forward to Friday morning when John is done with work and I can unplug and unwind.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

snow style

Jacket:  The North Face (similar here)  |  Sweater:  Gap  |  Leggings:  TJ Maxx  |  Skirt:  Mountain Hardwear  |  Boots:  Sorel  |  Gloves:  The North Face  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban  |  Hat:  Nordstrom (sold out - I will keep you posted if it comes back in stock) |  Snowshoes (borrowed for the season - thanks Lizzie & Louie!)


I've come across a few issues over the past few winters.  What to wear when it's freezing cold!?  If I'm not in snow pants when doing a winter sport (or now shoveling), then I'm definitely not staying warm and leggings just won't cut it.  So recently I finally found this skirt that I pair with leggings and warm boots and I'm good to go.  Yes, it's only so much more of coverage, but at least it's not a long jacket that gets in the way or makes you over heat.  I've also found this one and this one - definitely a must have for my winter attire!

Friday, January 6, 2017

emerald isle

Jacket:  Banana Republic (sold out - LOVE this)  |  Blouse:  Banana Republic (old - similar here)  |  Earrings:  Lisi Lerch  |  Clutch:  Banana Republic (old - love this)  |  Denim:  Gap  |  Flats:  Talbots


Just one of the many posts that didn't make it in 2016!  Disappointed, but glad to share it with you finally - especially so I can look back on the warmer temps when it's supposed to drop this weekend. Many of the shops and sites didn't waste any time transitioning to spring time merchandize.  It gives me the itch to stock up for the spring/summer weather and add more color to the house, but we've barely dipped a toe in the winter weather...I mean come on I still have yet to ski this year!!!  So, I thought what a better way to hit up some of the really great winter deals out there for the winter basics for next year.  So you'll know what I'll be doing this weekend, ha!  Who am I kidding, I'll probably do both because I have a warm and cold trip right around the corner.  Details about that later!
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