Wednesday, April 5, 2017

daily hair routine

So I'm not a Bumble and bumble spokesperson or anything, but I'm obsessed with the hair products and I wanted to share with you my daily (or not so daily) hair care.  I always shower with the Bb quenching shampoo and conditioner.  Even in my travel bag I always squeeze out smaller portions or buy the travel size.  It's light, easy and doesn't weigh down my hair so I don't have to wash it everyday.  Plus it helps keep my color longer!  I usually only wash it when I work out which is like 3x a week depending on my schedule.  Previously I did use their Tonic Shampoo years ago to help with my dry scalp, but I think they discontinued it, so in the winter I just add a little TGel to help.

After showering and semi-drying my hair, but before brushing I add the Tonic Lotion for a bit more nutrients and protection from the blow dryer or curling iron.  I use this as my replacement from my Tonic Shampoo.  I don't have my blow dryer pictured, but it's the best!  My sister introduced it to me and I'm obsessed.  It's the perfect blow out for my hair each and every time.  I just section it out in three areas and I dry it super quickly!  During the summer I opt away from the heat toos and for a bit more of a natural wave.  I don't brush my hair as thoroughly, but I add the Surf Spray and let it air dry.  It's perfect for when I was in Hawaii. 

After drying my hair, I use this curling iron but in two different sizes as I'm working on giving a bit more dimension to my hair.  Recently I tried really hard with the Marcel style curling irons, but it just did. not. work.  I'll stick with the regular style and alternate curling size, direction and time held on the iron.  Oh!  I recently just purchased these to see if I could get a better curl too.  I hope they help/I'll let you know how it goes (fingers crossed)!  I finish with this hair spray all over.  

Lastly, I have a couple of products that help give my hair body and last longer when not washing.  I use the Dryspun Finish daily (especially in evenings or Friday night refreshes after work and we're headed to dinner).   I use this teasing brush to give my hair a lift when tossing it in a pony the next day.  Lastly I love pret-a-powder.  It's my absolute favorite!  I'm obsessed.  I literally don't think I could you could use a wrong amount.  I put it all over my roots and hairline (where it gets oily) and use my finger tips to shake it through a bit and have the powder disappear.  It feels good, looks good and I love the smell of it!  I hope my routine, care tips, products etc, helped but I'm always open to suggestions and any tips!  Keep looking good!

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