Friday, May 5, 2017


So I have three photos showing what I wear for a dressy look, a casual or running out of the house look (usually work...).  

Primer:  Lancome  |  Eye Cream: Becca  |  I use this for all my blending needs:  Beauty Blender  |  Concealer:  Lancome  |  Foundation:  Laura Mercier  |  Contour Stick:  Clinique  |  Powder:  Laura Mercier or Bronzer (summer only):  Benefit  |  Blush:  Using a sample right now, but I need a new one - any recs?  |  Eyeshadow:  1/2  |  Brush:  Sephora  |  Eyebrows:  Benefit  |  Highlighter: Anastasia  |  Rim Liner:  Tarte  |  Mascara:  Laura Mercier  

GLAM look.  I use these usually for a wedding or event.  I will say between this and the following, I mostly tone down the eyebrows and the eyes.  Simple and clean, but I really need to get a lesson on eye shadow.  Just to learn a bit more.  

This I would consider my go to get ready/fresh face look.  It's simple(ish) and easy to do for travel/evenings out with friends.

Lastly, I use these usually for work with some or without some concealer under the eyes.  I keep it very simple for work.  I like to give my skin a break and I'm not in the forefront of meeting with people.  It helps me look presentable and put together.  Here or there I'll add a little liner (via eyeshadow) or some lip color.

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