Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Let's talk intimates.  Finding the perfect bra, panty or shapewear is key to not only feeling great, but looking even better.  It can make a dress, skirt or top actually work than just one of those items left hanging in the dressing room.  I'm sharing a few of my everyday items that I keep in my top drawer.

To care for these items I place on a gentle cycle with like items and hang dry.  It keeps them looking and fitting great longer.  I switch out my bra about every 6 months.  I usually wear the nude bra daily, but I also have it in black.  However, I always think that the nude style is my go-to and just 10x easier to wear under every color.  I've always wore thongs since basically my days at Kraft Foods.  It was just too much if I wore briefs for work when I packed out shelves.  All the ups and downs just say wedgies!  Haha!  I've also linked the different Spanx I wear for different styles of dresses or skirts.  Length in either direction or both definitely varies depending on the style.  One thing I'm still working on is my athletic bra.  Should I have one that works for all activities or individual ones for the various sports.  Do you have any favs or suggestions?  If not, I'll have to research this further and test out options!

Bra |  Strapless Bra  - when I need a new one I want to try this  |  Spanx 1/2/3/4  |  Panties

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