Sunday, June 25, 2017

slow sundays

China:  Lenox  |  Mackenzie Childs:  Serverware (love these), Salt and Pepper Shakers, Platter  |  Stemless Wineglasses:  TJ Maxx (similar here)  |  Silverware:  Target  |  Napkins:  Kate Spade (love these too!)  |  Placemats:  World Market  |  Candle:  Lilly Pulitzer (from TJM)  |  Music:  Bose (I love listening to Spotify and Amazon Music)

You may not have seen in the pictures above, but you may have caught it on Instastories.  I was wearing Ted Baker pajamas from asos.

When John and I haven't been traveling we try and take our mornings slow.  Slow mornings entail sleeping in, not getting out of our pajamas until 10 or 11 and enjoying a yummy breakfast.  It's been even better since the weather has turned nice and we've been eating breakfast, lunch and dinners outside.  It felt good getting back into that routine the past two weeks after being gone for so long.  Just taking time to enjoy a quiet, slow morning before we went about our business (last weekend was landscaping).  I also took full advantage because Friday was my birthday and he was at work by 3:30 am and I put in a full day as well.  So all I asked for was a low key Friday evening, but a beautiful brunch spread the next morning.  We had a lot going on with Ireland, a funeral and a wedding along with getting back into work and doing housework, so I was more than pleased to skip the birthday shenanigans and getting back into the groove and accomplishing things around the house again.  Most information has been on my Instastories, but I will share images when I get a chance.  So relax, spend time, and enjoy at least one slow morning with each other.


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