Thursday, September 7, 2017


So these aren't the most glamorous photos, but it's what I received on my phone after getting microbladed twice.  Plus my phone has been super finicky so I was glad to even have them saved on my phone.  I went to Nadine's Permanent Makeup.  I had literally followed her for 6 plus months before making the decision to get my brows done, plus it took me about another 3 to get in.  I'd have to say.

Any-who, these pictures are a bit off so I apologize...I didn't even know she was getting my whole face other wise I would have looked a little more happy!  Before treatment Nadine had some guidelines to follow, but I made sure not to wax or pluck weeks before so she could see my natural brow.  The first image, with the first row being my before pictures really shows how light and undefined my brows were.  The next four pictures are after the first session.  On the second image you'll see the 6 weeks later heeled brows and then a retouch.  Finally, you'll see in the last image (after work and the gym -skin has been horrible during pregnancy FYI), the current brows!  I love them!  I barely fill them I've been so pleased with my results.  It's a bit pricey, but I'd rather have them done right and naturally which makes it worth it.  I'm not spending time on them when I get ready AT ALL.  I literally do a bit of concealer, blush and mascara and roll to work.  On weekends I'll fill them in a tad, but it's like only 30 seconds that I actually spend on them rather than the 5 minutes pre-microblading.  Long story short, I'd definitely recommend getting microbladed.  

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