Thursday, October 26, 2017

before and after nursery furniture


So I've been working on updating some of those FB and Craigslist furniture items that I've picked up over the year.  I thought the best start would be the nursery room furniture and I love the way it's turned out!  The furniture was brown wood, with brass fixtures all over, but in major need of polishing.  I started by removing all the brass pieces.  Then I sanded down the pieces and wiped them with a microfiber cloth filled with soap and water.  I made sure to left them dry all the way before I started painting.  Well I will say I did try to use a gloss white spray paint, but I ended up switching to a semi-gloss paint that I actually use on our trim.  It's called dusting powdered by Behr.  For the hardware I ended up spraying a stripper on there before polishing with brass-o.  After letting those set for a day or two, I had John spray them outdoors with a lacquer.  This is so you don't have to keep going back and polishing them year after year.  Don't worry I know people are thinking you shouldn't be doing this, but really, I used gloves and a face mask and make sure I was in well ventilated places.  Next, I hope to work on our sideboard as I've never stained anything before so I think this will be a great test.  However, this will have to be done outside from start to finish as I believe stain and some poly has a stronger smell!

Please note:  The nursery has not been painted and the floors have not been replaced.  See the last post about our shower.  We're waiting until that's complete before we do the floors and paining in the baby's room.  Nothing special color wise, but I want items that the baby will grow with over time, so I look forward completing this down the road and sharing it in full.


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