Wednesday, November 29, 2017

fall uniform

Vest:  Macy's last year (similar here)  |  Sweater:  French Connection  |  Scarf:  Loft (similar here)  |  Denim:  Gap  |  Booties:  Franco Sarto  |  Saddle Bag:  Kate Spade  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban  |  


Sorry for radio silence last week.  The good ol' laptop battery started to fail...or so we thought!  It's really just the actual cord that shorted out...which is probably what a lot of our iPhones have had issues with...perhaps?  Anyways, we've got it back and in working condition.

I wanted to say thank you for every one's responses on my last post about thoughts, feelings and expectations on pregnancy.  I was overwhelmed with how many people completely understood where I was coming from.  Pregnancy is different and difficult for many people; more than what is portrayed in real life.  I don't think I'll be going crazy on the pregnancy posts, but try and keep it more toward the fashion and home area that I so love to do!

We hosted Thanksgiving this year.  Just a small party of 6.  For the most part all the food turned out great, but I'll need to work on a few things.  You'd think in my book that Black Friday would be my main focus, but it's definitely not.  I for sure don't shop in the retail stores (what's the point anymore).  However, I do scope out the online sales and you know there are a ton and they are always good.  I may come across an item or two, but I don't think I'm an online shopper when it comes to Black Friday Christmas gifts.  I'm more of a shop local person.  I like finding those individual gifts as I mosey my way through downtown Saratoga after grabbing a coffee or lunch and then stroll on home.  As long as I'm not caught in the hustle and bustle, I enjoy figuring out Christmas gifts.  I hope this will be the same process for years to come.  Any tips or tricks that you use for your holiday gift shopping?!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Top:  Target  |  Denim:  Gap  |  Cape Scarf:  Madewell and here  |  Booties:  Franco Sarto  |  Bag:  Henri Bendel  |  Necklace:  Gorjana  |  Watch:  Daniel Wellington  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban


John and I enjoyed a trip over to VT the other weekend.  We had lunch, shopped (found a baby bag!) and walked along some beautiful parks.  And as much as I'd like to elaborate on the excitement of that weekend, I wanted to share with you a bit of an emotional struggle I've been having recently.

This may seem more like a ramble than a well concise post, but I'm just lost with being pregnant.  I feel like I've been checking things off our usual home to-do and prep list for the coming year and transition into being parents which has helped my mind stay busy and feel accomplished.  I mean you do realize I love lists and getting things done, but I'm into my 25th week of pregnancy and I'm feeling a bit lost.  I thought I'd have an exciting pregnancy glow about now, but I'm not (also probably due to the terrible skin and the migraines as of late).  Call it hormones, mood swings or whatever, but I'm literally just not excited.  People told me I would love feeling the baby kick, or when John first feels it kick, but I just find it interesting and as a matter of fact.  Nothing where it melts my heart and helps me grow and bond with the baby.  Doctors appointments don't pull it out of me either.  I literally almost cried at my 20 week appointment because I was told I was (only) halfway there.  Not to mention I'm not looking forward to going every two weeks or week or whatever it is.  I mean if you knew me in person (some of you do).  I love kids.  I love babies and yes at times I'm glad to hand them back over to their parents, but friends will vouch for me that I'm the first to hold their child when I see them and will wait until the last minute to hand them back over or share.  Which has me thinking about ours.  Perhaps it's because I don't know the sex of the baby or haven't picked out a name (that fell off the radar a few months ago) or possibly that I'm not preparing all the little clothes or reading every book.  Maybe it's all those things...who knows.  As of right now I'm doing my best to spur some excitement in the baby department, but it's difficult as I'm truly not enjoying this pregnancy world that I always hear so much about or that I would have completely expected of myself.  It's also been great to have such wonderful friends during this time.  I am relieved to know that many of my friends too, didn't enjoy their pregnancy for various reasons.  That it just isn't me.  I'm not the only one.  With that being said many of them are all across the spectrum of family. Not yet begun, trying, just starting to just completing.  Those who are moms all enjoy being a mom and having a family.  It's nice to see that it's all worth it in the end and I look forward to the moment I finally get there as well, however long it may take me.




Sweater:  Gap (old) similar here  |  Pants:  Gap  |  Flats:  Ivanka Trump (old) similar here  |  Vest:  J.Crew  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban  |  Scarf:  Etsy


A few weeks back my friend Laura mentioned Poshmark.  I've heard of it, but never actually really searched the site before.  Well on it, you're able to buy and sell used items.  I've been purging a lot over the previous months as it was a great opportunity with the seasonal change and I figured a lot of my bags wouldn't really be used in the coming years so I better downsize or upsize rather!  No, really I figured I'd simplify my handbags to the basics and also make sure I had that necessary baby bag which will be the primary bag to carry in the next coming years.  So I've listed about 7 or 8 bags about 50-70% the paid retail.  Which in turn I've already sold 4 or 5 of the bags.  I may list a few more as time goes on, but I've also donated a few that I knew weren't worth selling.  I've donated those few and a ton of other items.  It felt SO good to purge.  So with the monies made I've put it toward some nursery items as well as treated myself to this new down vest by J.Crew.  You know I love my vests, I didn't have a black one and I just LOVE the side detail on this.  I also wait until I get it on sale, so I got it marked down to about $70.  You can never go wrong with a little black vest, especially here in Saratoga - layers are welcomed a year round!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I cranked out my second furniture rehab two weekends ago.  It was really quite simple.  I removed all hardware.  Grabbed 80 grit sandpaper and attached it to the sander and removed all the poly and stain.  I was quiet surprised at how nice the wood was below the surface.  It was such a quick job!  I then grabbed a 60 grit (I believe) sandpaper to try soften the surface after the first go.  I should have gone a bit lower to soften it even more, but it's a learning experience.  Next, I wiped it all down twice with wood conditioner and then grabbed a stain that I thought wouldn't be too dark, but in reality it was much darker than I had planned.  I don't mind the contrast in the house, but just overall I think it's a bit too dark for my tastes.  I ended the espresso finish with a satin poly, but then did a second coat of semi-gloss.  It just needed a little oomph.  Lastly, I was planning on replacing the hardware, but I couldn't find anything that I liked.  So, I decided to polish up the pieces and place them back on.  One was also missing the handle, so I do hope to still replace it or repair it.  I will say having it all polished up it looks really great, but now I actually do not love this piece.  I think it's too formal for my tastes and doesn't fit into the character of the home.  It won't happen now, but I guess it'll just leave me room to find the next piece and resell this and do it all over again!  Happy hunting!
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