Tuesday, November 14, 2017




Sweater:  Gap (old) similar here  |  Pants:  Gap  |  Flats:  Ivanka Trump (old) similar here  |  Vest:  J.Crew  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban  |  Scarf:  Etsy


A few weeks back my friend Laura mentioned Poshmark.  I've heard of it, but never actually really searched the site before.  Well on it, you're able to buy and sell used items.  I've been purging a lot over the previous months as it was a great opportunity with the seasonal change and I figured a lot of my bags wouldn't really be used in the coming years so I better downsize or upsize rather!  No, really I figured I'd simplify my handbags to the basics and also make sure I had that necessary baby bag which will be the primary bag to carry in the next coming years.  So I've listed about 7 or 8 bags about 50-70% the paid retail.  Which in turn I've already sold 4 or 5 of the bags.  I may list a few more as time goes on, but I've also donated a few that I knew weren't worth selling.  I've donated those few and a ton of other items.  It felt SO good to purge.  So with the monies made I've put it toward some nursery items as well as treated myself to this new down vest by J.Crew.  You know I love my vests, I didn't have a black one and I just LOVE the side detail on this.  I also wait until I get it on sale, so I got it marked down to about $70.  You can never go wrong with a little black vest, especially here in Saratoga - layers are welcomed a year round!

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