Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I cranked out my second furniture rehab two weekends ago.  It was really quite simple.  I removed all hardware.  Grabbed 80 grit sandpaper and attached it to the sander and removed all the poly and stain.  I was quiet surprised at how nice the wood was below the surface.  It was such a quick job!  I then grabbed a 60 grit (I believe) sandpaper to try soften the surface after the first go.  I should have gone a bit lower to soften it even more, but it's a learning experience.  Next, I wiped it all down twice with wood conditioner and then grabbed a stain that I thought wouldn't be too dark, but in reality it was much darker than I had planned.  I don't mind the contrast in the house, but just overall I think it's a bit too dark for my tastes.  I ended the espresso finish with a satin poly, but then did a second coat of semi-gloss.  It just needed a little oomph.  Lastly, I was planning on replacing the hardware, but I couldn't find anything that I liked.  So, I decided to polish up the pieces and place them back on.  One was also missing the handle, so I do hope to still replace it or repair it.  I will say having it all polished up it looks really great, but now I actually do not love this piece.  I think it's too formal for my tastes and doesn't fit into the character of the home.  It won't happen now, but I guess it'll just leave me room to find the next piece and resell this and do it all over again!  Happy hunting!


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