Friday, December 22, 2017


Here's my family's favorite holiday cocktail or mocktail recipe!  It's just so good that you can't go from Thanksgiving to the New Year without making it!

I use a large Pyrex bowl to combine all of the following ingredients:

1 large 46oz can of Pineapple Juice (refill with water)
1 12 oz unfrozen concentrate of Lemonade
1 12 oz unfrozen concentrate of Orange Juice
1 cup of sugar (I skip this typically now with all the sugars in the other juices and soda)

Stir all ingredients together and freeze.  After it's frozen, remove and use an ice cream scooper to remove some of the "slush" and add to your glass.  Anywhere from half the glass to three quarters full you can fill and then remaining you would top with your Ginger Ale.  If you'd like to make a cocktail of it, it's great to add rum, vodka, whiskey, gin or champagne!


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