Monday, December 11, 2017

this old house

It's already been one year in our humble abode and we've accomplished so much!  Here are the projects we've worked on/working on for the past year:

1.  Refinished all the hardwood floors.
2.  Fixed our tankless hot water heater.
3.  Stopped our dishwasher and washer from leaking in the basement!  Thank you old home.
4.  Replaced the back half of the house roof.  The main part is slate and we will never touch!
5.  Gutted the "master" bath on the second floor and have halfway finished it.  Just the shower left to do.
6.  Refinished the nursery room furniture, sideboard and bar furniture for the house.
7.  Furnished the whole house.
8.  OUTSIDE!  Ripped up all landscaping, pebbles and railroad ties.  Replaced with new landscaping, grass and a fire pit.

Next Year Goals...

1.  Floors in the nursery. - in the works
2.  Remove the extra closet and add a small closet system on the nursery. - in the works
3.  Refinish dining room table (or find a larger one to refinish).
4.  Refinish guest room dresser/headboard.
5.  Refinish the end tables for the living room.
6.  Refinish the TV console.
7.  Replace all blinds.
8.  Seal/paint the banister.
9.  Add a stair runner.
10.  For those radiators that are showing, I'd love to cover them with a radiator box.
11.  New blinds for the windows.

1.  Install white fence at the end of the driveway.
2.  Add more landscaping outside.
3.  Fix the two pieces of siding the previous owner cut away.
4.  Replace/Add railings up entry.
5.  Add a little pavement to the empty space that we moved the railroad ties from and then seal it fresh.
6.  Remove random wire sticking out from house.
7.  John would like to make real Adirondack chairs.

We'll see where we make it with our inside and outside goals this year, but we also really want to crack down and SAVE more for that tear down of the first floor master and kitchen and keep the format, but create something fresh to start.  We'll have to see also what an architect recommends too!  We're looking forward to what this year brings and I'm sure some of these plans will need to be "adjusted."

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