Monday, January 1, 2018

skin care

This is a picture from earlier in December after I had just showered and dried my hair and was going out to see the holiday train on a cold evening with friends.  I didn't bother to put on makeup as we were just heading home afterward to bed as work was the next day.  As I currently still have similar redness and some acne, it's no where near as bad as this, especially in the mornings. 

I'd say this is a 2018 change, but I started early.  Thanks to my friend, Kaitlin, she turned me on to some Korean skin care products/treatments.  Have you heard me whine about my skin during pregnancy?  Probably...  It's about the worst I've ever had it; high school, college, my 20's you name it.  This is absolutely the worst.  I'd say we both started with just hydrating our skin rather than stripping it with washing and toner.  So 2-3x a week we've been using face masks.  Next, I had already switched to witch hazel, but that wasn't doing it, so she suggested rose water facial toner.  Easy enough!

Next, even though it's not the correct order of skin care, but it's how I figured it out for mine I was using Cetaphil.  I used this and this but then switch to the night cream.  So, I ditched the cleanser and added two face washes.  I think that is definitely where skincare has changed (or I'm just way behind).  You cleanse once with oil (which takes off some of your makeup too) and second with a foam or cream. 

As for the moisturizer, the night cream worked a bit and I even tried to only wash/moisturize my face at night, but I think it was still drying it out too much.  I had this facial oil around my cupboard from purchasing it a few months prior and I decided to try that out instead of adding another lotion.  It also worked a bit, but I still had redness from everything healing.  So once I ran out I tried this lotion from the research Kaitlin had done and shared with me.  I've used it over the holiday weekend and although I'm not completely healed, I've noticed a dramatic difference even when I wear makeup (which I also tried to stop wearing in the areas that I was really affected).  I'm hoping this is my key to success.

Lastly, I had heard the rumors about adding a dermaroller to your skin routine.  I'm sure I'm supposed to use it more often and longer, but I do try to do it 2x a week before bed.  When it pokes the skin, it's supposed to help produce collegen and elasticity which your skin loses over time.  It'll help hide or diminish acne scarring and also fill in those fine lines and wrinkles.  I haven't added a serum, but I'd like to look into it a bit further.  In all these instances/changes.  I've tried adding one at a time and using it for a bit before adding another product that way I knew what was causing my skin to react even more or less without thinking it was a failure of all the new products.  So far so good so let's hope the products continue to work as best as possible for the next two months and there after!

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