Tuesday, February 27, 2018

hospital bag

Bags:  Kate Spade/Longchamp  |  Nursing Pillow:  My Brest Friend


I had to take another look, but here's what I've prepped for my hospital bag, and I'm hoping I have it covered.

For momma:
I had no idea what to pack, but I wanted it simple, comfy and most likely things that are older for the most part.  I did grab a few new things.  This pj shirt, nursing bras or tanks (not sure which I would want to use or be most comfortable in), robeleggings and my fav sweatshirt that I live in.  I also packed slippers, socks and flip flops.  I'll have my toiletries, but I also packed those fabulous mom things that may help with postpartum (ie: full coverage underwear, pads, diapers - yes diapers and cleaning instruments - WOOF).  Friends told me to pack a water bottle, pillow or neck pillow and a tennis ball or back massager for the contractions.  I also have our battery charged on the good old camera, snacks and a bottle of Veuve to celebrate - don't worry I really don't expect to pop it open that soon!

For the baby:

I've packed the basic onesies and a cozy one for going home.  Those I grabbed at Gap and Target.  I also was gifted a hat and mittens so I brought those just in case.  These are cute and so are these.  The hospital will cover the blanket for the time being, so I did only pack one and a few burp cloths.  My friend made them and they are so cute and adorable!  She has her own shop on Etsy and you can make specialty orders too.  They are so soft and cozy you'll see them with me all the time now! 

I packed nail filesclippers as well as a pacifier.  I'm sure I'll be trying out multiple different kinds and adding/removing to the good old diaper bag as the days go on.  I of course have the wipes, diapers, diaper cream and of course nipple cream (YAY!).  I mean who knows I may need to pull over in the 5 minute drive home and not change a diaper, but get some food so I'll need to be prepared.

For daddio:

Let's be honest, John just has to pack like he's going away for a weekend trip, with a little less dinner, drinks and fun.  I guess it'll be more like a work trip... ;)  He'll be fine, stocked with books, podcasts and the laptop!

Are we forgetting anything else!?!  ETA 4 days!

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