Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Sweater:  Gap  |  Leggings:  Gap  |  Bag:  Kate Spade  |  Beanie:  Halogen  |  Sunnies:  Ray-Ban  |  Brogues:  asos  |  Utility Jacket:  TJ Maxx (similar here)


I feel a little like the book "The Mitten" where every critter is stuffed inside the mitten until it busts open, kinda similar to how I stuffed myself inside this raglan sweater praying it won't pop open.  I just really wanted something thick and snuggly and I probably made it into an oversize sweater for months to come.  As usual I love waiting until end of season to snag some items that I don't usually like to pay full price for.  I  grabbed this cashmere beanie again (I have two already) from Nordstrom as they always go on sale at the end of the year.  I didn't happen to cross any arm warmers (is that what they are called?) to pick up this year, but I still have my blue and grey ones!  

I'll tell you, although I feel like a bowling ball, I'm not ready for the baby, but I am ready for my body to be my body again and wear normal clothes.  I've already looked at spring/summer dresses and look forward to not wearing the same 5 sweaters.  As for this bowling ball we will not be out for V-day, as we typically stay in and celebrate.  However, I did not come across any fun meals to make together, although we've been cooking a lot of meals throughout the week at home in general!  So we'll just lay low until Thursday!  More details to come...xoxo

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