Monday, March 5, 2018

Nursery Finds

A while back I had narrowed some of my searches down to a few items that I knew I wanted but didn't want friends/family to pay full price, so I hunted them down via second hand.  Here's what I snagged up!

1.  Rock 'N Play - scored for $50
2.  Mamaroo - scored for $75
3.  Halo Bassinet - scored for $100
4.  Ergobaby Carrier  - snagged at TJ Maxx for I think $50
5.  DockATot - only if I come across one for a REALLY good price
6.  I also grabbed our crib off of craigslist.  I figured it'd be best to reuse than purchase a brand new one.

I'll share more pictures of the room as it gets pulled together after the birth, but here's a sneak peek of the closet that John re-drywalled, painted and hung a closet system.  I wasn't planning on using it really, except to possibly store some of my overflow of coats/jackets, but then I decided it was best to do so!  I hung the baby clothes, folded the bedding/towels and stored some things in baskets that I've stocked up on over time.  I then replaced the dresser drawers with the stacks of diapers and wipes and other baby items that I didn't want sitting out!  It really helped clean things up nicely. 

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