Wednesday, April 4, 2018

strolling style

Sweater:  Gap  |  Leggings:  Gap  |  Vest:  J.Crew  |  Sunnies:  Le Specs  |  Kicks:  Nike (similar here)  Stroller:  Uppababy  |  Tumbler:  Yeti  |


Just like shopping for maternity clothes before, shopping for nursing items is just about as fun.  I'm not back to my size in pants or less, which is fine, that's not the issue as it has only been about 4 weeks, but HOLY COW, thinking of tops to wear or finding tops to wear now is even more difficult.  Obviously primarily due to nursing.  I've scoped out some comfortable easy to wash sweaters and add the nursing tanks or nursing bras underneath.  I'm currently adding sweaters with open side slits and button downs.  Bring on the layers!

I've been trying to walk a bit everyday since we got out to the hospital.  I'm now at the point where I know I can comfortably walk downtown (a mile there and back) and perhaps even further... I just haven't made it with timing.  I plan on starting workouts next week, a bit early from being "cleared," but I feel great and I'm listening to my body!  If I'm not walking I'm trying to get out and about with errands or appointments and sometimes can't fit our walks into the schedule, but soon enough we will be able to do both I'm sure!  The stroller has worked out great so far.  We are still getting the hang of  using the various attachments, but I can't say a bad thing about it!  More details/reviews to come!


  1. You’re making motherhood look good! So cute!

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